Agent Services

  • Fiduciary Agency Services- For clients and professionals who want to retain their appointed trustee or executor capacities but for various reasons, desire a part or all of the required administrative, investment, tax and bookkeeping responsibilities to be outsourced. 
  • Custodial Agency Services- For those who want to keep investment discretion and supervision, we can assist with administrative and bookkeeping responsibilites. Our custodial services help you simplify safekeeping, receipts, disbursements, recordkeeping and more. 
  • Escrow Agency Services- We can serve as a third party custodian of funds and/or assets for clients entering into a contract with another party. 
  • 1031 Exchange Services- For property owners looking to delay or possibly even eliminate capital gains taxes owed on the sale or purchase of qualifying property, we can act as a qualified intermediary or trustee for individuals or institutions in these deferred exchange transactions. 
  • Bill Payment Services- Perfect for those that frequently travel, are coping with a long-term illness, or those that no longer have the desire or capacity to manage their monthly bills, we can handle them for you at your discretion. You receive periodic statements detailing all receipts and expenditures occurring in your account and freedom from this routine, time-consuming task. 

To learn more about any of these valuable trust services, please contact our team or professionals. Regardless of whether you want to make planned, strategic decisions or you need to respond to life's unexpected events, we are here for you every step of the way!