More Security and More Convenience!

You may now login to your accounts using your NEW Digital Banking Services! 
With these upgrades, we have added more security, more convenience, and will have even more great services to come in the future to improve and enhance your Online & Mobile Banking services.
Please read below to learn more about the new security upgrades and features of your new Digital Banking experience which launched on Saturday, June 17!

In order to bring you these new features while also making every effort to minimize disruption to your online and mobile banking services, our team has been working long and hard behind the scenes these past several months to create the smoothest transition possible! 

What does this mean for you?  It means you won't see too many first!  

There is no new app to search for, and no new account login or password to create.  We have already prepared this part of the transition for you!  We know changes can be frustrating, so we have made every effort to maintain the look and functions you are used to using every day. 

However, the similarities end there as our new Digital Banking includes new and improved security and authentication with a powerful new digital architecture that will allow us to seamlessly bring you even more great features and tools to help you manage your finances like a pro in the coming months!  In addition, because both online and mobile banking will now share the same platform - anything you can do online from your computer you will also be able to do on your mobile device, including full access to E-Statements, tax documents and more!

New Digital Banking Services

Now that your new services are "live," you may login to access all of your digital banking activities including Bill Pay & Zelle! 

See below for what to expect when you login on or after this time to access your new Liberty Digital Banking! 

Mobile App Access: You will be will automatically be directed to update the UCB Banks Mobile app.

Website/Online Access: Depending on your browser's settings, you may need to clear your browser's history/cache to speed access the new services.

What do I need to do when I first login on or after Saturday, June 17?

Below are the steps you'll need to take on or after Saturday, June 17th to access your new Liberty Digital Banking. 

Important Notes:  Although your login ID and password will not change, please be sure to have them available the first time you login.  Depending on your browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc.), they may not autofill.  You may also need to clear your history/cache in your browser's settings to speed access to the new services.

  1.  Verify your identity by following the prompts to secure a one-time passcode (OTP) by text, phone call, or email.
  2. Authorize and enroll your computer/device.
  3. Review and accept all new terms and conditions when presented. 
  4. Set your theme.
  5. Review your accounts.
  6. Check out your new features.

More Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my new services on or after Saturday, June 17?

You may login to your online banking account via our website or mobile app.  When you first access the UCB Banks Mobile App after the upgrade, you will be automatically directed to download the App's update.

Depending on your browser/device settings, your Login ID and password many not autofill and any previous biometric authentication on your device(s) will need to be reestablished for your security, so please be sure to have your current Login ID and password available. 

If you are unsure of your login information, please use the Forgot Username and/or Forgot Password to reset them as needed.  

Your Current Balance is the actual (ledger) balance in your account as calculated at the end of all nightly processing. It reflects all transactions posted to your account through the previous business day.  Current Balance is not updated throughout the day and does not reflect any holds on deposits or authorized amounts for debit card purchases that are pending.

Your Available Balance is the amount of money in your account available for your use. Your Available Balance is calculated by adding or subtracting transactions from your Current Balance as they are received throughout the day. These transactions may include direct deposits, debit card transactions, pre-authorized transactions, ATM withdrawals, in-person deposits and withdrawals, and more.

However, please note that your Available Balance isn't necessarily how much you have to spend. If you have written any checks, scheduled bill pay payments, or authorized other automatic payments, your available balance may not yet reflect these items.

Items not reflected in your Available Balance include, but are not limited to:

  • Checks written or issued through Bill Pay that haven't been cashed by the Payee.
  • Pay-at-the pump transactions or restaurant tips that aren't included in the original authorization.
  • Authorized automatic withdrawals, such as insurance or car payments, gym memberships, subscriptions, etc.
  • Authorizations that no longer appear as pending due to merchant delay.
  • Funds held from deposits.

Special Note:  For internal reoccurring transfers created prior to the upgrades on 6/17/23, these transactions will not be reflected in your available balance, but will still process as scheduled.  If you would like these account-to-account scheduled transfers to display in your pending transactions list on the day of the transfer going forward, simply delete and recreate the transfer(s). This will only work for internal, reoccurring transfers. It will not work to change how any pre-authorized external transfers to or from other banks are viewed or reflected in your available balance. 

Please visit with your Banker if you have any questions about your accounts, balances, or transactions.

Some of the most important updates with your new Digital Banking include additional security and identity verification measures. This includes multi-factor authentication which uses a combination of your login and password, device/computer authorization, and one-time passcodes (OTPs) to protect your Digital Banking information and verify your identity. 

When you first login, you will be asked to verify your identity using a registered phone number or email. You may then select to receive a one-time-passcode (OTP) via text message, phone call, or email that you will need to enter to proceed with your identity verification which will unlock access to your digital profile. 

Once your identity has been verified, you will then be provided an option to enroll (or reenroll) your mobile device to accept biometric authentication such as Face ID or fingerprint to use these biometric login security measures. 

We encourage you NOT to enroll a non-personal, temporary or public device/computer.  If you must login to your Digital Banking using someone else's device, laptop, tablet, or pc, or any public computer, you will be prompted to select a method to receive an OTP. In these situations, unless it is new, personal, or other trusted hardware, do not choose to recognize these devices, browsers, etc. in order to preserve the security of your login.

Yes!  For most customers, you will see the same accounts listed. It is possible you may see additional account(s) that you are authorized to view but would prefer not to have included in your profile.  If this happens, please contact us to assist you in customizing your account view as needed.

Any internal and Zelle transfers made or scheduled prior to 6:00pm CDT on Friday, June 16 transferred as expected.  

Yes!  All of your BillPay payees, eBills, scheduled bill payments, and bill payment history have transferred to the new system.  In addition, all scheduled or future-dated bill payment scheduled prior to Thursday, June 15th at 2:00pm processed as planned. 

New Zelle transfers or payments were not available during the upgrade process, but all transfers scheduled or sent prior to the upgrades processed as expected.  Now that all upgrades are completed, access to send, receive, and split payments, your contacts, and your Zelle activity is all available.

Beacon Alerts and delivery preferences you set up prior to June 16 at 6:00pm CDT have transferred to your new Liberty Digital Banking profile. You may view, modify, or add new alerts at any time, so we encourage you to review your alerts and settings to be sure you are receiving these important notifications.

No, your debit card(s), credit card(s), and ATM card(s) will not be affected by this transition.  You may continue to use your card for purchases or at the ATM as usual. (If you have an Everyday Rewards Points Debit Card, don't forget to sign or choose "credit" when making your purchases to earn your points!)

Yes!  Your current transaction history and E-Statement preferences will remain in place and be available from your digital banking profile. Your new digital banking services even include access to more electronic documents, including tax documents, going forward!

No. You will need to reactivate and reauthenticate your device(s).  Some of the most important updates with your new services include additional security and identity verification measures.  When you first login, you will be asked to verify your identity using a registered phone number or email. You may then select to receive a one-time-passcode (OTP) via text message, phone call, or email that you will need to enter to proceed with your identity verification which will unlock access to your digital profile.  Once your identity has been verified, you will then be prompted to reenroll your device to accept biometric authentication (Face ID or fingerprint) in order to reestablish these login security measures. 

Connections to such third-party financial management tools as Intuit/Quicken, Mint or Plaid, etc. will be restored as quickly as possible one the upgrades are completed. However, if you have any issues reinstating these connections, please contact the third-party solution provider for assistance.

Telephone banking was temporarily unavailable during the upgrade period from Friday, June 16 at 6:00pm CDT until Saturday, June 17.  This service is now available.

You may choose to match both your online and mobile banking theme to your local United Community Banks brand: United Community Bank, Mercantile Bank, Liberty Bank, Marine Bank & Trust, Brown County State Bank, or Farmers State Bank of Camp Point.  To select your community theme, choose Menu in the upper right-hand corner, select Settings, Profile, Change Your Theme.  You are not required to change or select a new theme, and should you choose to do so, you may change it at any time.  Your default profile theme includes all of our United Community Banks!

Our E-Services Team is available to assist you, toll-free, by calling 833-226-5542 Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm CDT and Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm. They will be glad to help answer your questions, address any issues you may have, and assist you with new features.    

You may also contact or visit your Banker or any location for assistance during normal business hours.  Visit our Locations page to find the location closest to you which also includes phone numbers and hours for each of our banks.